Transforming drug discovery on membrane proteins​

in November 2017, leadXpro chose to strengthen its capabilities with the Creoptix™ WAVEsystem. “We were looking for a label‑free, biophysical method to investigate binding affinity and kinetics of small molecules with challenging integral membrane proteins,” explained Michael Hennig, Chief Executive Officer of leadXpro in an article in Drug Target Review 3, 2020 entitled “Under the microscope: Transforming drug discovery on membrane proteins”.  In the article, the CEO’s of both companies look back on three years of partnership and point out why the GCI technology is instrumental for the direct determination of binding affinity and kinetics of membrane targets without having to revert to cell based assays.

A very recent example of a successful application is the characterisation of a variety of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in a collaboration with the University of Zürich which was published in late July 2020.

Read more about it in the original Drug Target Review article or on Creoptix’ webpage