Septerna Engages leadXpro to Discover Novel Binding Partners to GPCR Targets for use in Internal Drug Discovery Programs

During this engagement, leadXpro will use membrane proteins selected by Septerna to discover novel binding partners to facilitate the rapid determination of high resolution GPCR (G protein-coupled receptor) protein structures by either X-ray crystallography or Cryo-EM. These key reagents are expected to accelerate Septerna’s pipeline discovery projects.


About Septerna Inc.

Septerna, Inc., is a biotechnology company creating broad new drug discovery opportunities across many disease areas for the abundant drug target class of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The company’s Native Complex™ Platform recapitulates GPCRs with their native structure, function, and dynamics outside of the cellular environment to enable new technologies for industrial-scale drug discovery for the entire GPCR target class for the first time. Septerna has an emerging pipeline of GPCR-targeted small molecule drug discovery programs, along with growth potential to reach many GPCRs that have been undruggable.