RaQualia Pharma and leadXpro Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Drug Discovery on Intractable Membrane Protein Targets

Nagoya (Japan) & Villigen (Switzerland), April 25th, 2023

RaQualia Pharma Inc. (President & CEO: Hirobumi Takeuchi; “RaQualia Pharma”) and leadXpro AG (CEO: Michael Hennig: “leadXpro”) have today announced they will collaborate to accelerate RaQualia Pharma’s membrane protein drug discovery pipeline.

In this collaboration, leadXpro will establish robust protocols and workflows to facilitate the rapid determination of high-resolution protein-ligand-structures by utilizing leadXpro’s structure biology techniques, such as cryo-electron microscopy to accelerate RaQualia Pharma’s drug discovery projects targeting membrane proteins, particularly ion channels, where RaQualia Pharma has the solid technical expertise and proven track record in delivering drug candidates.

Katsuhiro Uto, VP, Board Member and Head of Research & Development, stated “RaQualia Pharma’s mission is to create medicines that improve the lives of patients by combining the potential of high-value drug targets with the power of state-of-the-art drug discovery technologies. In leadXpro, we have a collaborator who has the scientific passion, innovative technologies, expertise and demonstrated track record of success in membrane protein structural biology. Observing how ligands bind to proteins at the atomic level will enable the logical design of drug candidates, accelerating drug discovery research at RaQualia Pharma. I am quite excited about this opportunity for collaboration.

Michael Hennig, CEO and chairman of the board at leadXpro, said. “RaQualia Pharma’s optimized discovery platforms, such as “CAP” (Centralized Analysis & Purification) system, are a clear game changer in the ability to drug intractable membrane proteins and discover new, effective, and safe medicines. We at leadXpro are proud to be supporting RaQualia Pharma’s team with our complimentary science and expertise in membrane protein structure biology and biophysical characterization”.

About Ion Channels

Ion channels are membrane proteins which allow the passage of ions across cell membranes. They play a crucial role in regulating the transmission of information in sensory and motor nerves and in the release of neurotransmitters in various tissues.

For more information

info@raqualia.com (www.raqualia.com) and /or info@leadxpro.com (www.leadxpro.com)


About leadXpro AG

leadXpro AG is a biotechnology company specialized in structure-based drug discovery for membrane proteins. Membrane proteins are the most promising targets for drug discovery, yet also the most challenging. To unlock these targets, we bring together specialized knowledge in protein science, pioneering technologies in structural biology and expertise in ligand design and characterization. leadXpro’s research covers a range of membrane proteins, including GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, and enzymes. leadXpro acts as a contract research organization for a growing number of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic partners.

About RaQualia Pharma Inc.

RaQualia Pharma is a research-based biotech with a research headquarter in Nagoya, Japan, aiming to be a “Global Drug Discovery Innovator”, which utilizes cutting-edge life science technologies to create new medicines focusing on unmet medical needs. RaQualia Pharma’s mission is to develop innovative new drug candidates through an open innovation network, and to deliver valuable new therapeutic drugs to patients through joint research and development or by out-licensing with pharmaceutical companies.