PARK INNOVAARE files building application for leadXpro’s future home

PARK INNOVAARE, part of the initiative “Switzerland Innovation”, is planning for a 165M CHF cluster of laboratory, workshop and office buildings to accomodate the growing number of start-up companies in close proximity to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

The application to the local authorities was filed on March 9, 2017. If granted, the construction activities could start in October 2017 aiming for a move in of leadXpro in 2020.

About 70% of the areas have already been reserved – the future tenants are leadXpro, companies from the fields of biotechnology, materials science, energy and accelerator technology as well as the Paul Scherrer Institute. LeadXpro has reserved an entire story in the first tier building and has been involved in the planning process. The new facilities will offer an ideal, scalable environment for its growing business.