New Operational Space and Funding ensures further growth of LEADXPRO

June 20th 2017 Villigen, Switzerland – Tripling its physical footprint and with a new funding round secured, leadXpro AG is well-prepared for further development and completion of its structure based lead compound discovery technology platform for integral membrane protein drug targets.

LeadXpro has completed its move into a larger laboratory facility specialized in membrane protein cell culture, biochemical and biophysical capabilities. The new space provides boundaries for commercial operations, while still be embedded in the eco-system of the Paul Scherrer Institute.

At the same time a second investment round with private investors was closed and Andreas Insam (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Bendura Bank) is welcomed as additional member on the board of directors.

Michael Hennig, leadXpro CEO said: “With this capital increase we broaden our investor basis by seven new shareholders. The investors were impressed by leadXpro’s team, its demonstrated successes to deliver on tough scientific deliverables and validation of our platform by attracting top-notch pharma collaboration partners.” He furthermore remarked that “This new financing round allows sustainable development for the next couple of years and the expansion of our lead discovery platform to include the generation of new chemical matter for high-impact therapeutic targets.”

Since its inception in December 2015 leadXpro has determined multiple different membrane protein structure targets with drug candidate ligands to aid the discovery of new compound matter together with partner companies and for own oncology and antibacterial programs.

About leadXpro AG

leadXpro is a lead discovery company focusing on membrane protein drug targets. We are committed to the application of biophysical and structure-based methods for the discovery and optimization of next generation lead compounds. leadXpro’s technology platform enables structural determination of membrane proteins where classical crystallographic techniques fail, unlocking structure-based drug discovery for challenging targets. We capitalize on the knowledge regarding membrane protein structural biology and facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) with premium access to the synchrotron Swiss Light Source (SLS) and the Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL). Core expertise beyond X-ray include single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and electron diffraction (ED). For more information, please visit