leadXpro licenses cryoSPARC™ software

Toronto, Canada & Villigen, Switzerland, 3rd of March 2019 – with this license agreement, together with the enhancement in leadXpro owned computing capacity, the company further enhances its ability for high resolution structure determination of membrane protein drug targets by single particle cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM).

CryoSPARC™, developed by Structura Biotechnology Inc., is a specialized platform for automated reconstruction of target and target-ligand structures from single particle cryo-EM data. CryoSPARC powers high-throughput cryo-EM in drug discovery by combining proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms with robust workflows to enable recovery of the highest quality structures, especially for valuable targets like membrane proteins.

With this investment, leadXpro now complements unique expertise of construct design, membrane protein expression and purification expert knowledge, grid freezing and cryo-EM measurement in collaboration with C-CINA of the University of Basel with professional data analysis for high resolution cryo-electron microscopy. Structural details inform about the interaction of the drug target protein with small molecule or biotherapeutic ligands to facilitate the discovery, optimization and characterization of potential medicines.

Mathieu Botte, leadXpro cryo-EM expert said: “Encouraged by the progress in high resolution cryo-EM structure determination to facilitate the discovery of lead molecules from challenging membrane protein drug targets, leadXpro has now established a powerful and fully integrated platform enabling rapid feedback cycles and ensuring fast progress”.

About leadXpro AG

leadXpro is a drug discovery company focusing on membrane protein targets such as GPCR’s, ion-channels and transporters. We are committed to the application of biophysical and structure-based methods for the discovery and optimization of next generation lead compounds with unmet efficacy and specificity. leadXpro’s technology platform capitalizes on the expert knowledge regarding membrane protein biochemistry and close collaboration with academic facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) for synchrotron (SLS), X-ray Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL) and the University of Basel (C-CINA) for single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM).For more information, please visitwww.leadxpro.com

About Structura Biotechnology Inc.

Structura Biotechnology is a Toronto-based company providing leading algorithmic tools, software and expertise to enable the highest quality cryo-EM structures of biomolecules for drug discovery and research. For more information, please visit https://structura.bio/.

leadXpro is a registered trademark in the EU, Switzerland, US and Canada.