First CrySol VitroJet in Switzerland

We are thrilled to announce that leadXpro has extended its cryo-EM facility with the latest technology in sample preparation solution, the VitroJet. This cutting-edge technology is the first of its kind in Switzerland.

The VitroJet cryo-EM sample preparation solution will accelerate our structure-based drug discovery programs for membrane proteins.

Mathieu Botte, Head of Cryo-EM at leadXpro, adds, “Cryo-EM sample preparation has been a time-consuming and work intense process with many variables that are challenging to optimize. The ability of the VitroJet solution to reproduce samples in a more controlled, reproducible way, to set the parameters for ice thickness, to view and validate the samples real-time offers a significant advantage compared to conventional technologies for grid freezing. We are very excited to work together with CryoSol-World to enhance the capabilities of the instrument for challenging membrane protein samples”.

Read the full release and statements from Michael Hennig, our CEO and chairman at the board and Ben Bormans, CEO at CryoSol-World: First VitroJet in Switzerland at biotechnology company leadXpro