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Data we collect

We collect data from you when you use our website in order to improve your browsing experience, e.g. the display on your mobile device (see below “Wordpress”). If you subscribe to our newsletter, we store your mail address, date and time at a third party site (see below “Rapidmail”). We do not use Google Analytics nor other Google functionalities nor do we store or share your information with other third parties than Rapidmail.


If you subscribe to our newsletter and confirm your choice by clicking on the activation link in the mail you receive we consider this an ‘explicit consent’ to the storage of the data you entered. The data is managed by “Rapidmail”, not by leadXpro. Briefly, Rapidmail manages for us a contact list with your name, e-mail, date and time of registration. You can unsubscribe by clicking the corresponding link at the bottom of each news mail you receive. More detail is available on the data privacy statement of Rapidmail. 


Wordpress is the functional basis of this website. It uses cookies and other technologies to ensure optimal use of the website. The cookies store e.g. your computer identification (IP address and cookie ID), your preferred language and the kind of devices that you use. The cookie use can be controlled by the settings of your computer and/or the preferences of your web browser.


Any responsibility for material or immaterial harm that has resulted from accessing, use or abuse of the informations from this website or from technical damages is declined. The author cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the presented information.


Links to third party websites are outside of our responsibility. Accessing and using such sites is in the responsibility of the user.