CTI grants leadXpro startup label

Villigen, Switzerland, December, 2017 – The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI awards leadXpro the CTI startup label.

CTI startup label award ceremony

On November 30, 2017, CTI handed over the certificate on « sustainable business development »  to the leadXpro AG board members Rafael Abela and Michael Hennig. After a two years diligent process of assessment of business planning, finances, intellectual property rights and technology capabilities, the evaluation board of the Swiss agency univocally endorsed the company for this label.

Roland Haag, CTI coach of leadXpro AG for the past 18 month said : « Companies certified with the CTI label went to a stringent coaching ensuring solid business perspectives and finances. Consequently, the survival rate of companies with the label is more than 80% after 8-10 years, much higher compared to the usual success rate of start-up companies».

About CTI

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) is the Swiss funding agency for innovation in a free market economy. Its purpose is to turn untapped scientific innovation potential into value for economy. For selected startups fulfilling certain criteria it runs a coaching program whose last milestone is the award of the CTI startup label.

About leadXpro AG

leadXpro is a lead discovery company focusing on membrane protein drug targets. We are committed to the application of biophysical and structure-based methods for the discovery and optimization of next generation lead compounds. leadXpro’s technology platform enables structural determination of membrane proteins where classical crystallographic techniques fail, unlocking structure-based drug discovery for challenging targets. We capitalize on the knowledge regarding membrane protein structural biology and facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) with premium access to the synchrotron Swiss Light Source (SLS) and the Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL). Core expertise beyond X-ray include single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). For more information, please visit www.leadxpro.com