Collaboration with InterAx on new immune oncology drugs

Villigen, Switzerland, April 2, 2018 – leadXpro AG and InterAx Biotech AG, join forces to discover and optimize new drug lead molecules targeting G-protein coupled receptors.

The collaboration brings together leadXpro’s strong expertise in structure-based drug discovery on G-protein coupled receptors with InterAx’ validated cell-based kinetic signaling assays for compound characterization. The partners aim to identify lead compounds targeting certain G-protein coupled receptors that are involved in cancer. Their complex biology so far has hampered previous lead discovery efforts.

“Structure-based drug discovery in combination with cell-based kinetic measurement is a powerful approach to unlock GPCR targets and guide compound design and optimization. We are very pleased to see encouraging cellular activity with compounds resulting from leadXpro’s discovery platform.”, explains Sandra Markovic, Discovery project leader at leadXpro.

“We aim to identify and optimize lead compounds with superior chemical and biological properties with unprecedented efficiency”, says Maria Waldhoer, CSO at InterAx.

Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

leadXpro AG Media Contact:

Prof. Dr. Michael Hennig

Tel.: +41 79 770 97 24

InterAx Biotech AG Media Contact:

Dr. Martin Ostermaier

Tel.: +41 56 310 57 54

About leadXpro AG

leadXpro is a lead discovery company focusing on membrane protein drug targets. We are committed to the application of biophysical and structure-based methods for the discovery and optimization of next generation lead compounds. leadXpro’s technology platform enables structural determination of membrane proteins where classical crystallographic techniques fail, unlocking structure-based drug discovery for challenging targets. We capitalize on the knowledge regarding membrane protein structural biology and facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) with premium access to the synchrotron Swiss Light Source (SLS) and the Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL). Core expertise beyond X-ray include single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) using the research facilities of the University of Basel. For more information, please visit leadXpro is a registered trademark in the EU, Switzerland, US and Canada.

About InterAx Biotech AG

InterAx is a technology-focused spinoff company from the ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute. We have built a unique drug discovery platform for identification of functionally optimized drugs with improved efficacy and reduced side effects for the largest class of human receptors: The G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The discovery platform consists of three core assets: Virtual screening, state-of-the-art cell-based signaling assays including IP-protected protein-based biosensors, and mathematical modelling for identification of most informative drug screening assays and prediction of in vivo effects. This unique combination ensures a highly efficient process for identification and IP-protection of novel GPCR lead compounds. Our unique drug discovery platform will dramatically reduce costs for the development of novel drugs with reduced side effects, thereby benefiting patients with unmet medical needs. For more information